Main image: The Cirque de Reflexions
Built at Burning Man 2015 with the support of
an Honoraria Art Grant from Burning Man
Andrea Greenlees
Artist and Designer
London-based multi-faceted artist and designer creating a wide range of artwork in a variety of media and materials, specialising in large-scale installations for public spaces.

The mirrored Obelisque in the heart of the Cirque de Reflexions at night

Art Installations 

​Nikki reproducing the poses

​Cirque de Reflexions 
Burning Man 2015

The theme of Burning Man 2015 was 'Carnival of Mirrors' and was based on the historical travelling carnivals of the early 20th Century.

The Cirque de Reflexions was inspired by some of the performers at these carnivals, such as the famous Tattooed Ladies and exotic contortionists.

It was designed to transform spectators into performers themselves.

Original drawing for the Cirque

Crayon drawing of Nora, one of the original Tattooed Ladies 

Hand drawings are converted into digital files for laser-cutting

Scoring detail for the applied contortionists

Building the Cirque​ de Reflexions
​If you can build in the Black Rock Desert you can build anywhere
Photos Andrew Haywood

​The completed Cirque beckons visitors inside
Photo Francesco Montaguti

The Tattoo panels by day and by night, reflected in the mirrored facets of the Obelisque

​Photo Alex Mulder

Charmaine striking a pose
Photo by Ennkay Digital

Mirrored contortionists on the lower panels greet a tranquil dawn on the playa
​Photo Francesco Montaguti

AUGUST  2016


An art installation created for Burning Man 2016

The theme of Burning Man 2016 was Da Vinci's Workshop and Florence at the time of the Renaissance.

TRASPARENZA, Temple of Transparency, celebrates emerging from darkness into light. This transparent installation is a playful and light-hearted foray into fifteenth century Florence, a whimsical tribute to the genius of Leonardo and the glories of the Italian Renaissance.

Photo EspressoBuzz

Building Trasparenza on the playa

The head of Leda from Leonardo's pencil study for Leda and the Swans becomes a laser-cut motif

Test tower - experimenting with lighting

Vitruvia, the sculpture at the heart of Trasparenza

Trasparenza is a transparent structure made of clear acrylic panels laser-cut with intricate detail and assembled without the use of screws and nails. From a distance a mysterious, shimmering and ethereal presence on the playa, up close the inner structure of Trasparenza and the mechanics of its assembly are laid bare. The frothy fretwork of the twelve turreted towers is inspired by the Duomo of Milan; the imagery of the lower panels is derived from the heraldic emblems of the master guilds of fifteenth century Florence, and the motifs on the inner panels represent Leonardo’s lifelong preoccupations including geometry, architecture, mechanics, hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, anatomy, drawing and painting. The sculpture at the centre of the installation - also entirely transparent - is named ‘Vitruvia’ and explores the concept of ‘Divina Proportione’, using the body of a woman rather than a man.
Photo Wendell DeLano
Left: the coat of arms of the Medici family, representing philanthropy

Right: the coat of arms of the Arte della Seta, the Master Guild of Silk Weavers and Merchants

Material: 12mm Perspex sheet
At night Trasparenza resembles a luminous crown on the desert. The colours change softly on a slow phase all night long.

Photo EspressoBuzz
Trasparenza opaque after a week of playa dust 

Photo Gurps Chawla

Trasparenza opaque after a week on the playa

Photo  Gurps Chawla

Inside Trasparenza a small congregation sits on transparent benches bathed in light

Photo EspressoBuzz
Vitruvia reaches for the sky

The central sculpture and the benches are laser-cut from 20mm Perspex

​Photo EspressoBuzz





​Photo Gurps Chawla


A ‘Chicken and Egg Situation’ is one where it is impossible to say which of two things happened first or caused the other to happen. The phrase is commonly used to describe the impossibility of identifying the starting point of a circular cause and consequence. For ancient philosophers the chicken and egg causality dilemma also evoked questions of how life and the universe in general began. This installation, featuring both chicken and eggs, takes the traditional riddle and turns it into a giant art object for play and amusement. It has a smooth curvilinear metal framework intended for climbing, with a cage of tubular steel ellipses forming the body and a large circular opening at the rear, reached by a wide ladder. Inside there is a pile of gigantic foam-filled eggs for people to lie on, and hug, and frolic about in. The Chicken is painted the beautiful hen color of rust and the huge foam eggs have leather covers in the natural colours of brown eggs and the desert. Participants are invited to enjoy the immediate experience of play. 'Whole-hearted and creative play induces self-surrender to experience that is beyond the scope of reasoned thought'. (Larry Harvey, Burning Man founder)

There is something sweet and domestic about the Chicken. This artwork takes an ordinary household object – a wire-framed chicken designed to store eggs inside – and blows it up into something completely out of the ordinary. The theme of Burning Man 2017 was ‘Radical Ritual’ but this installation reminds us of the importance of all the little domestic rituals in our lives that give shape and structure to our days.

Aesthetically the piece is a very pleasing shape of great purity and simplicity, made up of smoothly transforming ellipses. It is the creative expression of a question that has exercised philosophers and scientists for centuries – Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Photo Hannah Scurfield

Initial Concept Drawings

Technical CAD drawings and 3D model by Josh Haywood

Fabrication by master steelworker Andy Tibbetts at The Generator in Reno

It's a Chicken and Egg Situation
First day on the playa, when Chicken and leather-covered giant Eggs were still pristine!

Photo Tom Ashworth

​​Photo Tom Ashworth

​Photo Espressobuzz

Photos Nadia Naydenova

The lighting was soft at dusk and dawn, and intense during the night

Party Chicken

​Photo Tom Ashworth

​Photos Tom Ashworth

Black Rock Desert 2018


For Burning Man 2018

​Photo  Gurps Chawla



All work is undertaken on a commission basis and quoted for accordingly. Please contact for further information.   
[email protected]

+44 7775732988

Photo  Donna Eck


BEBOT is a cute, friendly, 35 feet tall silver robot that invites Burners to climb into its interior. It is an immensely strong climbing frame made of tubular steel, with squat fat legs that provide a ladder to the inside of the round body and from there up into the head where Burners can sit inside the openings for the eyes, ears and mouth on horizontal circular planes. One arm reaches across the body to the heart signifying that BEBOT has feelings and one arm is raised waving in greeting, inviting Burners to approach. The heart is made of beaten copper. Just like the Tin Man, having a heart matters to BEBOT. Curved antennae emerge from the head, finished with copper spheres at the top. A forked devil's tail curls out unexpectedly from the back of the body, suggesting that all may not be as innocent as it seems.
BEBOT invites Burners to ‘BE My Eyes’, ‘BE My Ears’, ‘BE My Voice’, ‘BE My Beating Heart’. An endearing comic book robot built on a huge scale but undeniably cute, this installation is intended primarily for play but conceptually it explores aspects of robotics that should concern us. ‘Cuteness’ is already the dominant aesthetic of digital culture and features heavily in the design of robots for use in the home. Cuteness triggers in us a desire to approach and engage with the cute object. Emotional engineering of home robots lowers our barriers to privacy and clouds our perception of risk.

BEBOT is a participatory art installation. The activities of Burners inside it bring it to life - they become the robot’s eyes, its ears, its voice, its soul, its spirit, its collective heartbeat. BEBOT’s body is open and welcoming. As a climbing frame it cannot be resisted and it encourages the immediacy and abandon of pure play.  Its various levels provide viewing platforms from which to survey the playa. Burners can face outwards or sit in intimate circles facing inwards. A place to meet and talk, to gather and party and perform, BEBOT encourages shared experience and self-expression. 

Photo  Geoffrey Silver

Photo  The Dusty Fish

Photo  Pete Day

Photo  Espressobuzz

Photo  Donna Eck

Photo  Watchara

The theme for Burning Man 2018 was 'I, Robot' and Bebot had the honour of being selected to be one of four key artworks surrounding the Man.

In December 2018 Bebot is going to be installed in a very exciting new long term home in the US.  Announcement to follow soon!

Busy Bebot

​Photo  Noahu

Life Studies

​Alice asleep

The marvels of the human body are a constant inspiration.
​Here all the subjects are asleep, exposed and vulnerable.

​Steve sprawled

​Clare curled up

Other projects

Cody's folding screen

Homage to Nikki